Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guest bathroom

This is my new bathroom, all repainted and fluffed up!
Unfortunately, I only have one BEFORE picture and it is on my other post,  Master Bathroom.

This bathroom is ALL NEW.  Newly painted walls of blue and grey with a mocha glaze over.   Cabinets  got a face lift with paint and new knobs.  The construction grade 'hollywood lights' replace with this brown, bronzed out door light.  I love it because it is low light and soft.

Construction grade faucets were replaced with this Glacier Bay faucet.  This was a very inexpensive fixture but installation was ridiculously expensive.   Oh well, I am not a plumber or an electrician.

I then added lots of pictures downloaded off the net in black and white.  Bought the frames at the dollar store which I spray painted white.  Then added simple white shower curtain and new soft, squishy rug.

Laying the vinyl floor was an experience.  Had never done this before.  It is not perfect, and would not encourage anyone to look too close.  However, the box of vinyl flooring was $20 at a discount building materials store and I saved by DIY.  This whole project took me about a month to put together.
Very happy with the results.  Scroll through and thanks for stopping by.  Hooking up to Funky Junk Interiors SNS

Light fixture and faucet yet to be installed.Add caption


  1. I've neve thought of downloading images off the net for pictures round the house. Duh!! What a great idea. One of those ideas that's so obvious once you think of it...IF you think of it!!

    Thank you so much for commenting on Modern Country Style.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Really great job! I love that you put pictures all over. It really makes the most out of that little bathroom. Good for you! Lisa~

  3. I adore your bathroom. How and what did you think of to look up for the pictures to print and frame? I would have never thought of half of them!!! I LOVE it.

  4. Love it! You did a great job! Love the lighting!

  5. Hi lovely,

    I can't seem to get hold of a link to your new blog. It takes me through to an odd site. I can only find this which is much older (but still gorgeous!).